Who Are We?

K2P was founded in 2007 out of acknowledging and understanding the fact that the ability to combine academic knowledge and practice, stands at the basis of every true success in the educational field in general and the distance learning in particular. K2P develops E-Learning courses for academic institutions and also provides solutions, methodologies of development and application, technology and control; K2P deals with a variety of content-development and learning-management systems. One of K2P's main goals is to provide consultation and suggest to each and every customer the most suitable and advanced solutions to their needs; K2P also provides its workers with comprehensive training and grants them every tool necessary for studying, advancing in and integrating into the field of distance-learning.

The Production Team

Nofar Lupo

Technical Support

Tzipi Peter

Head of Production Team 

Dr. Ilan (Daniels) Rahimi

K2P CEO and Project Manager

Netanel Baba

Audio Editor

Keren Bader

Video-Clip Editor

Oded Fischer
Technical Support
Chen Chai

Technical Support

Nicole Gean
Instruction Developer



Tzahal Street 104,

Kiryat Ono

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