Providing solutions for individuals with various study-related deficiencies – distance-learning offers a wide variety of educational tools, ranging from video-clips to educational softwares, online quizzes and more; the student can choose for himself the method of studying that provides him optimal concentration and understanding of the studied materials

Becoming familiar with the world of internet and computers – the student acquires skills to operate technological devices and softwares

Independent studying – the student himself builds his own schedule and the studying environment most suitable for him

By definition, distance-learning "is the education of students who may not always be physically present at a school…." 

The experts of distance-learning would say that it never was a fleeting 'trend'.

Distance-learning has become a tool that constitutes an integral component of the activity both in knowledge-providing organizations and in business organizations; those very organizations were successful in understanding that distance-learning done methodically and which includes a two-direction process, has the ability to effectively provide knowledge which will be customized to become suitable for a wide variety of target audiences.


Some of the advantages of distance-learning include:


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