We at K2P create full-time courses for academic institutions and freelance lecturers.

The work process is done alongside the professional guidance of technological pedagogy individuals as well as technical support throughout the entire course.


Course Development for Academic Institutions

The work process:

The lifespan of the course creation process is estimated to be about 2.5 months. In the first work-meeting with the course's content expert, we become familiar with the distance-education system and the options it presents us with, characterize the course and set objectives that enable convenient time allocation of work to be done.

Various formats of courses

Frontal and E-Learning Course

 In these kinds of courses, the lecturer attends class for three study-sessions; simultaneously, the students go through the study-units that the course comprises, with said units containing video clips, quizzes and assignments.

E-Learning and Synchronous Courses

In these kinds of courses, the lecturer manages three synchronous courses; simultaneously, the students go through the study-units that the course comprises, with said units containing video clips, quizzes and assignments.

100% E-learning course

In these kinds of courses, the students independently go through the study-units that the course comprises and perform the required assignments and quizzes.

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reches project

Production of the 10 books of learning in mathematics, language, Bible adulthood.

These books contain a QR code leading to the solution.

Second life

Development of a simulation environment

Home front command

Practice of primary power input at the scene. Planning stage and giving first aid to casualties

Training Base 10

Mass casualty event handling by battalion aid station

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Using three-dimensional environments featuring multiple processes to perform simulations and decision-making processes in general and in particular emergency events. Three-dimensional environment allows the practice of incident management teams, practice of different environments and assessing the effectiveness of different work procedures

Creating presentations and video clips – throughout the first week, the contents of the course will be given to the producer in a presentation format, with the contents afterwards being processed, improved and focused so that they can be ready for filming.


Filming in video studios – we determine several dates for filming sessions that take place in a studio in Tel-Aviv; the filming sessions (days) are focused and only take place after the lecturer has been fully instructed about the manner of recording him and him facing the camera.


Audio recordings – should audio recordings become necessary, they are to take place within the perimeter of the Ono Academic College, accompanied by the producer.


Editing and processing – the products of the production process are presented to the content-expert lecturer and await his approval.


Developing quizzes, assignments and other teaching methods in the Moodle system – the lecturer prepares questions and assignments for each study-unit and the technical team uploads them to the course's website.

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